Skin Contouring | Wrinkle Fix Injection

3 Major Effects:
- Skin Contouring
- Wrinkles Elimination
- Excessive Sweating Control

What is Wrinkle Fix Injection? What effect could be expected?
Wrinkle Fix Injection is a high purity protein derived from Clostridium botulinum, could help in eliminating wrinkles by blocking nerve conduction and relaxing overactive muscles. Wrinkles could be eliminated include:
- Horizontal lines on forehead
- Glabella lines between eyebrows
- Crow’s feet of eyes

In addition, the intense muscle will be relaxed and becomes smaller and firm after Wrinkle Fix Injection. Injection could be done below:
- Muscles of mastication (chewing muscles)
- Chin
- Calf

Wrinkle Fix Injection could control sweating?
Underarm sweating could be embarrassing when the sweat is mixed with bacteria, causing unpleasant odor. Injections into the armpits can reduce excessive sweating and thus reduce the embarrassing conditions with unpleasant odor.

How long does the effect of Wrinkle Fix Injections last?
The effect will be noticeable within 1 or 2 days after Wrinkle Fix Injection, and could last for about 3 to 6 months depending on the injected area and the body's metabolism. Since Wrinkle Fix Injection will be broken down and excreted by the body, regular injections are necessary to maintain the desired effect.

Treatment Steps of Wrinkle Fix Injection
1. Doctor Assessment
The doctor will first understand your desired results and analyze whether you are suitable for Wrinkle Fix Injection. The injection spots and amount will be decided as well.
2. Consent Signing
If appropriate after doctor assessment, you can sign the consent form and receive the injection at the same date.
3. Injection by Doctor
The doctor will thoroughly clean and disinfect the injected area, also mark the area and determine the amount of injection. A fine needle will be used for the injection that almost no feelings will be felt in the progress. The injection takes about 15 minutes, red spots and light bleeding maybe appear in the injected area.

Precaution before Wrinkle Fix Injection
- No wounds or inflammation at the injected area
- Avoid alcoholic drinks 24 hours before injection to avoid excessive bleeding
- Be careful if you are taking any medication that may cause bleeding

Notes after Wrinkles Fix Injection
- Avoid lying completely flat for 4 hours
- Avoid massaging the face, especially the injected area for 24 hours
- Avoid makeup for 24 hours
- Avoid alcoholic drinks and foods that would increase blood circulation such as spicy foods for 24 hours
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