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Effects of EmSculpt Neo™
- Muscle Building in Less Time
- Fat Elimination with High Energy
Information of EmSculpt Neo™
EmSculpt Neo™ is the only non-invasive technology that simultaneously uses SYNCHRODE™ and HIFEM+™ energies to eliminate fat and build muscle. HIFEM+™energy contracts the muscle fibers in the area at intensities in 30 minutes to build muscle; SYNCHRODE™ emits radiofrequency to heat the fat layer up to 45℃, fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body.
4 treatments of EmSculpt Neo™ equal to 12-16 weeks training, improve blood circulation and increase the growth of muscle fibers simultaneously.
2 Major Professional Certifications
- FDA Approved
- CE Approved
Results of EmSculpt Neo™
- Builds Muscle (+25%)
- Burns Fat (-30%)
- Improves Reduction in diastitis recti (+19%)
- Reduces waist circumference (-5.9cm)
Steps of EmSculpt Neo™
1. Doctor Assessment
The doctor will first understand your desired results and analyze whether you are suitable for EmSculpt Neo™.
2. Consent Signing
If appropriate after doctor assessment and the booking is available, you can sign the consent form and receive the treatment at the same date.
3. EmSculpt Neo™
Anesthesia is not required for EmSculpt Neo™, simply lying comfortably and enjoy. The treatment is about 30 minutes.
4. Book Your Next EmSculpt Neo™
After EmSculpt Neo™, you may have a similar feeling of intensive exercise and there is no downtime right after. You can receive EmSculpt Neo™ again to achieve the desired results.
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